information of the airport

Information of the airport

Aug.1983 Fundamental survey for Tajima Airport started.
May.29.1985 The candidate area for Tajima Airport was decided.
Dec.14.1988 Application for airport construction permission was submitted to the Department of Transport.
Feb.3.1989 The Department of Transport approved for construction of the airport (Runway length L=1,000m)
Apr.9.1993 Application for changing the airport facilities was submitted to the Department of Transport. (The runway was changed from 1,000m to 1,200m.)
May.25.1993 Notification on the change of facilities of Tajima Airport by the Department of Transport (Department of Transport No. 306)
Feb.1.1994 Aerodome Support and Aeronautical Service Center opened the Tajima office.
Tajima sky culture exhibition (Tajima fest ’94) was held.
May.18.1994 Tajima Airport was opened, and JAPAN AIR COMMUTER CO., LTD. started operation of scheduled flight by 340B type aircrafts (between Osaka and Tajima 1 round trip per day).
Jul.25.1994 Kawasaki Helicopter System started operation of helicommuters among Kobe Heliport, Tajima Airport and Yumura Spa Heliport by BK117 helicopters.
Oct.1.1995 JAPAN AIR COMMUTER started to operate 2 flights between Osaka and Tajima.
Breitling World Cup was held.
FAI aerobatics world grand prix was held.
Sky Leisure Japan ’97 was held.
May.16.1999 Exhibition of YS11 and Aero Commander started.
Sep.7.1999 Achieved 100 thousand scheduled flight users.
Sky Leisure Japan ’99 was held.
Apr.22.2000 International charter service by JAC SAAB aircraft (Tajima → Pusan)
Apr.24.2000 International charter service by JAC SAAB aircraft (Pusan → Tajima)
Jul.14.2001 International charter service by JAC SAAB aircraft (Pusan → Tajima)
Oct.4.2001 LOC (localizer) service started.
Jan.1.2002 The nickname of the airport was decided to “Kounotori Tajima Airport”.
Apr.1.2002 Kawasaki Helicopter System went out of service.
Apr.15.2004 Achieved 200 thousand scheduled flight users.
Sky Leisure Japan ’06 was held.
Oct.18.2007 The building for business operators was completed.
Nov.27.2007 Achieved 300 thousand scheduled flight users.
Apr.17.2010 Operation of medical helicopters of the public Toyooka Hospital started.
Jul.9.2011 Achieved 400 thousand scheduled flight users.
Mar.28.2014 Kounotori Tajima airport began the local solar power generation. (The publication of the amount of power generation, etc.)
Jan.1.2015 Tajima Airport Terminal Co., Ltd. started operation of Tajima Airport by setting of the administration right.
Feb.25.2015 Achieved 500 thousand scheduled flight users.