Location of Kounotori Tajima Airport

Kounotori Tajima Airport is located at a highland which is approx. 4km southwest from the urban area of Toyooka City in the northern part of Hyogo. There is Kinosaki Hot Springs at 10km north from the airport, and Maruyama River flows into the basin around 3km east from the airport. A castle town, “Izushi-cho”, famous for “Sarasoba”, a traditional dish of buckwheat noodles, exist at 9km southeast from it. When you go 14km eastward, there are mountains whose altitudes are above 1,000m, and there are many skiing grounds centering around the Kannabe highland which exist at the base of those mountains.

Information about buses, taxis and rental cars

Tajima Airport connection bus


Kounotori Tajima Airport to
Toyooka station
Kounotori Tajima Airport to
Kinosakionsen station
About 15 minutes.
Charges for use Adult 310 yen, Child 160 yen
Kounotori Tajima Airport to
Kinosakionsen station
Time required About 40 minutes.
Charges for use Adult 490 yen, Child 250 yen



See the bus timetable or contact Zentan Bus for the detail.

Taxis(It isn’t stationed, so when you make a reservation, it’s smooth.)

Rental Cars(It needs reservation.:It isn’t stationed in the airport.)

  • Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc. Toyooka Station office
  • TEL / 0796-23-9080

Information about the parking space

  • Office hours:8:30~18:30
  • Capacity:58
  • Parking fee:Free