Barrier-free information

Steps are removed, and the blocks for leading the visually handicapped, multifunction toilets and elevators are installed to make it smooth to move in the terminal building.

Barrier-free installations of the facility

Parking Aisles inside the premises (the aisle in front of the building) Information desk and guides Gates Facilities for infants Elevators Toilet Others
Parking Disabled parking lot Flat steps and stairs slope Vision-impaired block Voice guidance / voice guidance Braille guide plate Reception guidance Automatic door Door (manual) Sliding door (manual) Nursing room Play corner / nursery elevator Wheelchair compatible elevator Wheelchair compatible elevator Western-style toilet Diaper change table Disabled toilet Ostomate-compatible toilet Wheelchair rental Stroller loan

Detail of the icons (PDF)

Hyogo prefecture passport office Tajima airport counter

Service for application for acquisition, switching and extension of passports and receipt of passports is provided at the counter. The revenue stamp issued by Hyogo prefecture and the revenue stamp required for issuing a passport are sold at Tajima Airport Terminal Co.,Ltd. on the 2nd floor of the Tajima airport terminal building.

  • Location Next to the Tajima airport terminal building、TEL/0796-26-1511
  • Office hours 9:15~12:00 13:00~15:00

Information about application for passports

Other tenants in Tajima airport

These are facilities and shops inside the facility of Kounotori Tajima Airport and outside the Tajima airport terminal building.

Name of facilities and shops Main service Contact number
AIR GAIA Corporation Club helicopter operation, maintenance of airplanes. 090-5246-9083
Skydiving Kansai Skydiving (experience, school, etc.) (The only skydiving point in the West Japan) 0796-43-1002
Nippon Rent-A-Car Service, Inc. Rent-A-Car 0796-26-1523
TOYOTA KOBE RENTAL & LEASING CO., LTD. Rent-A-Car 0796-29-3056
Ozoranoeki restaurant jetstream The restaurant where domestic Japanese Cattle excellent in quality can be enjoyed by the five senses 0796-26-8800