What is your name? Tajimaru. I’m named after Tajima, and maru expresses my round shape. The sex is… I’m not a boy nor a girl. I have a bit mischievous character.
When is your birthday? I was born on September 6, 1996. In that year, photo stickers taken at “Print Club” and loose-fitting socks were in fashion, and “Make a drama.” was selected as the grand prize for the best vogue word of the year.
What does your image come from? My image was born from the combination of an airplane and a human. The antenna on my head is shaped like “Ta” of Tajima. The red circle at the center of “Ta” expresses the brightness of future.
Where can we meet Tajimaru? I’m waiting at the lobby of Kounotori Tajima Airport. Adding to above, there are Tajimaru goods like stuffed toys and stickers, and Tajimaru appears on pamphlets and at various airport promotion campaigns to publicize Kounotori Tajima Airport.