Floor map

1st floor of the terminal blg.

Service facilities

  • Lobby (Departure/ Arrival)
  • Baggage claim
  • Check-in counter
  • Nursing room
  • Coinrocker
  • Multipurpose hall
    Meeting room
  • Coffee shop, kiosk
  • Departure lounge
2st floor of the terminal blg.

Service facilities

Roof of the terminal blg.

Service facilities

  • Observatory

Icon description

  • Coffee shop
  • Rent-a-car service
  • Nursing room
  • Toilet for the handicapped
  • Souvenir shop
  • Elevator
  • Toilet
  • AED
  • Coinrocker

Barrier-free information

Steps are removed, and the blocks for leading the visually handicapped, multifunction toilets and elevators are installed to make it smooth to move in the terminal building.

Barrier-free installations of the facility

Parking Parking There is parking lot
Disabled parking lot There is parking lot for person with a disability
Aisles inside the premises (the aisle in front of the building) flat The front of the main exterior entrance of the building is flat
Steps and stairs There are steps and stairs in front of the main exterior entrance of the building
slope There is a slope at the main entrance of the building
Doorway Automatic door There is an automatic door at the entrance of the building
Hinged door There is a hinged door at the entrance of the building
sliding door There is a sliding door at the entrance of the building
Infant equipment Nursing room There is a nursing room nursing room
Play corner NO play corner・No nursery room
Information center and guidance Guiding block There is a block for guiding the visually impaired in the hallway and inside the building
Without guide device No voice guidance or voice guidance device
触知案内所 tactile information center in Braille
受付案内所 No There is a reception office
Lifting equipment General elevator There is a general elevator
Elevator for wheelchair users There is an elevator for wheelchair users
Elevator with Braille display or voice guidance There is an elevator with Braille display or voice guidance
toilet Western style toilet There is a Western style toilet
A table where diapers can be changed There is a platform that can change diapers for infants
Restrooms for the disabled There is a toilet for the disabled
ostomate toilet No ostomate toilet
No nursing bed No nursing beds available for adults
Other AED AED (automated external defibrillator) installed
Stroller for rental There is a stroller for rent
Wheelchair for rent There is a wheelchair for rent

Hyogo prefecture passport office Tajima airport counter

Service for application for acquisition, switching and extension of passports and receipt of passports is provided at the counter. The revenue stamp issued by Hyogo prefecture and the revenue stamp required for issuing a passport are sold at Tajima Airport Terminal Co.,Ltd. on the 2nd floor of the Tajima airport terminal building.
Location Next to the Tajima airport terminal building、TEL/0796-26-1511
Office hours 9:15~12:00 13:00~15:00
Holiday Mondays, Tuesdays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays.※Other than Saturday and Sunday
●Information about application for passports

Other tenants in Tajima airport

These are facilities and shops inside the facility of Kounotori Tajima Airport and outside the Tajima airport terminal building.

      • Skydiving Kansai