Establishment of the company

The company was established in February 1994 mainly for management of the terminal building and peripheral facilities of “Kounotori Tajima Airport” constructed as a high-speed transportation infrastructure of Tajima area.
From January 1, 2015, it concluded the Tajima Airport management contract with the Hyogo Prefectural Government and operate the airport.


308 million yen


1598-34, Iwai-aza-kodani, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo
(2nd floor of the Kounotori Tajima Airport terminal building)

Main business

  • (1)Management of facilities of the airport(Runway, Apron, Hanger, etc.)
  • (2) Management and rental service of Tajima airport terminal building and its fixtures (Acceptance of usage of the meeting rooms, the multipurpose hall, the advertising board,etc.)
  • (3) Refueling business for aircrafts
  • (4) Management of the airport park and the parking space
  • (5) Sale of souvenirs, fiscal stamps, revenue stamps, etc.